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Well, it was embarrassingly brought to my attention from a client yesterday that it has been a LONG time since I’ve done a blog post. I didn’t think many people actually read my blog, so it was also a pleasant surprise that people have noticed I’ve been MIA! I have been so busy traveling for weddings this season, that unfortunately blogging became less of a priority as I’ve been trying to catch up with editing and delivering the clients their photos in a somewhat timely manner.  BUT, after thinking about it a little bit I realize that blogging is just as important to my business sometimes as taking the beautiful photographs are.  So I’m back in action!!

I’ve decided to break out of my blogging hiatus with a short blog post of adorable Miss McKenzie. What a little doll she is!!

20130523-McKenzie-003 20130523-McKenzie-002 20130523-McKenzie-006 20130523-McKenzie-004 20130523-McKenzie-012 20130523-McKenzie-005 20130523-McKenzie-001

A little behind the scenes photo of McKenzie and her dad.  It’s hard work being so cute and sometimes we needed to take a snack break.

20130523-McKenzie-008 20130523-McKenzie-010 20130523-McKenzie-009 20130523-McKenzie-007 20130523-McKenzie-013 20130523-McKenzie-014 20130523-McKenzie-011


Stay tuned for LOTS more blog posts from this girl, as I’m determined to get back in the very important routine of blogging.

XOX – Nikki



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