David and Jenna TEASERS! | Erie PA Wedding Photography

Friday was my 30th birthday. Oof.  One of my good friends and mentors wrote me a very nice birthday e-mail that said “for me, you’ll always be 23 and ready for anything
the world can throw at you.”

It really made me think back to when I was 23 and living in Washington DC and just starting out my career in photography. I NEVER thought I would be 30, and I have been avoiding the thought of it as much as possible for the last year… which is why when Jenna contacted me I JUMPED on the opportunity to photograph her wedding.

I didn’t know Jenna or Dave very well at the time, but after all of the consults, phonecalls, e-mails, facebooks and their wedding on Friday, I really couldn’t have asked for a better couple to spend my birthday with.

SO, after saying all of that, here are a couple of teasers! Thank you guys for being such a wonderful couple and for making my 30th not so depressing! *HUGS* LOL!!!

XoX – Nikki



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