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VERY early this morning (well, at least very early for me) I met up with Greg Sorce to shoot some pictures for his upcoming album that he is releasing. I met Greg through a couple of corporate gigs I did for HBKS Wealth Management (he is the “S”) and until he contacted me to do his portraits, I never knew that he was also an extremely talented singer and musician! We got LOTS of great shots, but I just wanted to quickly share a few teasers.

We started off at one of my favorite locations in Girard at a train ship yard.  Usually I don’t use filters of any kind, but I was playing around and I felt like it just “worked” with this first picture.

We then headed into Erie to Greg’s friend Tom Ferraro (amazingly awesome painter)’s studio, where I got MAJOR studio envy.  Tom’s space was my DREAM studio, except without so much paint and a lot more cameras. HA!

The next two images I think are my favorite from the day…

Greg was awesome and super easy to work with. I joked with him that he had modeling experience because after every couple of shots I didn’t even have to tell him to change poses, he just did it automatically and was very natural.

I heard a few tracks today, but I’m looking forward to hearing the completed album and I’m looking forward to working with Mr. Sorce again!

Now time for a nap….

XoX – Nikki



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